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October 19, 2013
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Grim Reaper Adoptable Auction [CLOSED] by skips-adoptables Grim Reaper Adoptable Auction [CLOSED] by skips-adoptables

all the creeps :iconallthethingsplz: *cough*
anyway, hello, this is grim reaper.
everyone: hello grim reaper.

stupid little background story i made up while drawing him:
He was human once, but started a gamble with Death to make him immortal. Little human won (wooop guess who cheated?), but Death was like 'well fuck you too', and made him immortal, but also turned him into his servant, aka a grim reaper. and took his hands and feet. needless to say he's not very good at jumping. ahaha-*shot*

Paypal only. (USD)
:bulletgreen: The starting bid is 25$.

CURRENT HIGHEST BID: 25$ (please check the comments in case it's not updated)

:bulletgreen: Minimum Increase:1$
:bulletgreen: Autobuy: nope.
:bulletgreen: The auction ends on october, 25th (friday)
:bulletgreen: Pay within 48 hours of receiving notice from me. It’s okay if the payment is a few days late, but if that’s the case please notice me in advance.

Highest bidder gets the design and the original file without the watermark and the speedpaint (that's the one on the right). Yay you! if you'd like transparent versions of the headshots for whatever reason, just ask me.

:bulletblue: extra: if the bid hits 60$ *bwahah, i can dream* , you'll get a free chibi.


:bulletblue: Place your bid on the BID HERE comment. Please be clear on how much you’re bidding!
:bulletblue: You can’t withdraw your bid, so make sure you really want to adopt this lil freak.
:bulletblue: The highest bid will have 48 hours to make their payment, otherwise it will go to the second highest bidding.
:bulletblue: Don’t steal/trace or copy my adopts. Thank you~
:bulletblue: After winning the auction you can post the received image to your gallery.
:bulletblue: After winning the auction you have all the rights to re-design the character however you’d like. (give it a name, rp with it, make up some background story, go crazy!)
:bulletblue: Please credit me for the original design. Also, if there’s fanart, I’d love to see ^^
:bulletblue: You can gift or trade it (but don’t resell.)

:bulletred: Not for commercial use.

Art & Design © :iconskips-adoptables:

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mi-ya-ka Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohhh this is such an amazing character asdfghk good luck selling!! :iconwooowplz: 
adsfj thankyouuuu Q__Q
Feather-Dragon Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my God where's my money this is beautiful!!!
thank you so muchhhh :D
Absolutely gorgeous design!
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